In Remembrance: Jose Martinez-Diaz

Jose Martinez-Diaz and Mark Sundberg
Left to right: Jose Martinez-Diaz and Mark Sundberg

Jose Martinez-Diaz was one of the early supporters of the National Autism Conference and his involvement dated from our very first conference in 1996. Over the ensuing 24 years, Jose made contributions that have helped make this conference successful and recognized in Pennsylvania, nationwide, and internationally. He has presented more than 20 sessions and participated in a number of panel talks.

At the time this conference was established, Jose was part of the faculty teaching the Behavior Analysis course sequence established at Penn State. Jose worked to establish the program with Fran Warkomsky, David Lee, Jerry Shook, Vince Carbone, and Haydee Toro. The course work became the first Behavior Analysis certification sequence to be provided in Pennsylvania and became the structure for current BACB–approved course work offered by the Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education in the Penn State College of Education. Jose has worked within the Penn State course sequence to assist with the ABA IV course taught simultaneously with the National Autism Conference. Jose provided lectures during the course work and guided the mock-exam process for those students preparing to take the BCBA qualifying exam.

Jose served as associate dean and full professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, where he also served as head of the School of Behavior Analysis. He was a senior consultant at the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and CEO of ABA Technologies, a firm he founded specializing in instructional design and technology.

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