The National Autism Conference offers scholarship opportunities for parents and students. We also have opportunities for student volunteers interested in gaining experience working with children with autism during the conference.

  • Parent Scholarship - Deadline to Apply: May 1, 2023 The Parent Scholarship is available for first-time attendees to the National Autism Conference who are Pennsylvania residents and parent(s) of a child with autism. Parents of children who receive Early Intervention services are eligible, regardless of whether they have attended in the past.
  • Student Volunteer Summer Teaching Experience - Deadline to Apply (extended): June 30, 2023 The National Autism Conference offers college students a unique opportunity to take advantage of conference presentations and gain experience hours working with students on the autism spectrum.
  • Student Scholarship - Deadline to Apply (extended): June 30, 2023 Student scholarships are available for the National Autism Conference to encourage Pennsylvania university and college students and recent graduates to pursue a career working with students with autism spectrum disorders and to become informed on evidence-based practices.