August 6 – 9, 2018
The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center
State College, Pennsylvania

The A-B-Cs of ADLs

Monday, August 4, 2014 -
1:00pm to 4:00pm

This presentation is designed to provide a practical, systematic approach for assessment and teaching of ADLs to students with autism and related disorders. It is intended to assist teachers and parents in conceptualizing and understanding issues that facilitate and interfere with students’ abilities to be successful learners, generally and specific to ADLs. This session will address the following topic areas:
*Fundamentals of Applied Behavioral Analysis to more effectively utilize techniques and strategies for teaching our students.
*A review of core principles of functional assessment, and specific methodologies as applied to assessing ADLs.
*Global considerations for program design (progression and prioritizing), as well as implementation (instructional arrangements, interfering behaviors, requisite skills, motivation, generalization, etc.) will be examined. A review of systematic teaching procedures, including Discrete Trial, differential reinforcement, shaping, prompting, etc., will also be covered.
*Basic procedures essential to teaching ADLs, including task analysis, chaining, stimulus control, etc., will be presented. Skill-specific considerations and common mistakes (what and how to detect), as well as practical strategies to avoid or remediate, will be offered.
*Case examples to represent a range of ADLs (e.g., from eating, hygiene to safe mobility, personal organization) will be used to illustrate the overall process and procedures described.
*As time permits, participants will be given an opportunity to share actual challenges they experienced, whereby considerations and potential strategies will be discussed.

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Act 48
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Education Professionals
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