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July 31 – August 3, 2017
The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel
State College, Pennsylvania

Dave Palmer

Dave Palmer, Ph.D., was devoting his postgraduate years to hiking and bicycling adventures when he happened to pick up a copy of Walden Two from a friend's bookshelf. He promptly read the rest of the Skinner canon and spent the next decade trying to start an experimental community and preaching behaviorism to anyone who would listen. Eventually, he entered graduate school under the guidance of John Donahoe at the University of Massachusetts. He has spent the last 26 years as the token behaviorist at Smith College. During that time, he co-authored, with Donahoe, the book Learning and Complex Behavior. He continues to puzzle over the interpretation of memory, problem solving, and, particularly, verbal behavior. He still thinks Skinner was right about nearly everything.

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